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Good Mushroom

Growing Supplies
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We're here to help you successfully grow mushrooms at home. Whether
you're a first-timer or an experienced grower, quality matters!

Growing Supplies + Liquid Cultures

Find Your Fungi

See our selection of mushroom grow kits, top-quality liquid culture syringes, grow bags and all the cultivation supplies you need to grow medicinal & gourmet mushrooms. New to mushroom growing? Start here ›


Choose from our premium quality medicinal mushroom cultures and choose good health.


Select from our expansive library of delicious gourmet mushroom cultures for good nutrition.

Grow Kits

Our grow kits are specifically curated to provide the most successful mushroom flushes.

Cultivation Supplies

Good Mushroom provides you with a growing list of mushroom cultivation and foraging supplies for your growing interest.

We’ve got the best shiitake.

Our team at Good Mushroom has a passion to provide the highest quality mushroom genetics through liquid culture syringes, consistent and reliable cultivation materials and supplies.

Meticulous Care

Mushrooms are amazing and delicious. We see our liquid cultures as a way for you to experience these miracles of nature, and this responsibility is not taken lightly.

Quality First

We understand what we provide to you is only as good as the source, and that quality is only maintained by careful and consistent processing and delivery.

Simply Delicious

Our commitment to ensuring that only the best quality cultures are delivered to you guarantees that, come harvest time, you'll have a smile on your face with every bite.


Good Mushroom Trio

Good Mushroom is home of the Good Mushroom Trio! Choose any 3 of our expansive and growing selection of edible mushroom cultures and save!


Good to Grow Kits

Our Good to Grow Kits are specially curated to provide you a simple and efficient way to grow your own delicious and beneficial edible mushrooms right in your home!

Our Mission

We want the benefits of mushrooms to be more available to everyone.

They taste good. They’re good for you. And they can be simple to grow. Good Mushroom offers the resources and information that make growing, harvesting, and eating mushrooms something anyone can do. We really believe that’s true, and that it’s worth it!

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